• Choosing Your Right Road Marking Machine
    Post time: Oct-06-2020

    One of a frequently asked questions is if our road marking machine will be suitable for them? Well, if your marking project is a water-based paint, not use different materials, and no need to hot melt, then our normal temperature type line marking equipment will be suitable for you. GUANGAN’s Roa...Read more »

  • Solar Powered LED Traffic Light System
    Post time: Aug-15-2020

    One of the biggest problems in developing countries is power outages. An obvious advantage of solar traffic lights is that they will continue working as their main purpose is to keep traffic flowing without depending on electricity availability. Solar traffic lights are providing a reliable, ine...Read more »

  • Vialeta Solar de Aluminio
    Post time: Aug-14-2020

    Descripción: Está fabricado de Metil Methacrilato, cumple ASTM D788 Grado 8. El lente va adherido a la cara prismática retro reflejante para proveer una superficie sumamente durable y resistente a la abrasión constante. Es un producto que permite mejorar sensiblemente la visibilidad en condicione...Read more »

  • Wireless Solar Road Studs Work As Per Lighting Of Traffic Signal System
    Post time: Jul-21-2020

    GUANGAN’s Intelligent Wireless Solar Road Studs are designed to improve roadway safety for pedestrian Crossing Systems.   The Product has below features: 1) Embedded in the pavement and powered by solar battery, eliminating the need to trench and run conduit for hard-wiring 2) Road studs communi...Read more »

  • Jual Lampu Lalu Lintas-Lampu Traffic Light 2 Aspek 30 Cm
    Post time: May-28-2020

    GUANGAN TRAFFIC menyuplai berbagai jenis lampu lalu lintas, lampu warning light, traffic light, lampu lalu lintas traffic light dengan Kualitas Terbaik dan Harga Bersaing. berikut spesifikasi lampu lalu lintas traffic light. Spesifikasi : - Bahan : Polycarbonete - Bahan LED : AlGalnp - Warna siny...Read more »

  • Traffic Cone Beacon Lights
    Post time: Mar-07-2020

    GUANGAN’s LED Traffic Cone warning lights. A photo sensitive warning light that self-operates in low light conditions and dark environments. It has over 200 meters of visibility at night time and the stem can fit into road cones. The Light comes with solar panels that re-charge the include...Read more »

  • Construction site traffic light systems (Two way portable traffic light sets)
    Post time: Feb-27-2020

    GUANGAN’s construction site traffic light system is a battery/solar- powered portable traffic signal trailer set with a traffic signal head on both trailers. The system uses advanced radio communication enables quick set up time. Battery power enables the unit to operate in an eco friendly...Read more »

  • Đèn LED “Đi chậm – SLOW” 400×400 + Chớp vàng D300
    Post time: Dec-28-2019

    Không sử dụng điện lưới, ít phải duy tu, bảo dưỡng, có thể lắp đặt ở địa hình phức tạp… là những ưu điểm nổi bật của hệ thống đèn tín hiệu giao thông GUANGAN (chớp vàng) sử dụng pin năng lượng mặt trời đang được sử dụng ở một số tuyến đường ở Việt Nam. Việc lắp đặt các đèn vàng cảnh báo ng...Read more »

  • GUANGAN’s Glass Road Stud Will Be Used In Indonesia
    Post time: Dec-22-2019

    GUANGAN’s Tempered Glass Road Studs are able to help our customers fulfil their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. GUANGAN’s glass cat eye marker is made of fully tempered glass that gives optimum impact resistance and relies on natural weathering for maintenance. Being Glass...Read more »

    Post time: Oct-22-2019

    Đèn chớp vàng tín hiệu giao thông D300 sử dụng để cảnh báo các phương tiện chú ý đi qua các đoạn đường nguy hiểm hoặc các đoạn đường giao nhau cần giảm tốc độ, vật liệu: Vỏ đèn bằng nhựa, sử dụng năng lượng mặt trời, ăc qui Hotline: +86 13510097455 Email: Read more »

  • lithium battery is becoming popular during traffic safety products
    Post time: Oct-13-2019

      Three scientists have been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of lithium-ion batteries. Committee member Sara Snogerup Linse, from Lund University, said: “We have gained access to a technical revolution. The laureates developed lightweight batteries of hig...Read more »

  • What is advantage of GUANGAN’S solar road stud?
    Post time: Aug-01-2019

    1) Benefits of solar road stud Solar road stud is a type of road marker (also called cat eyes) which is powered solar, it’s an important road safety product because it can help to reduce the rate of accident. Since traditional road stud requires car headlights to illuminate their reflective surfa...Read more »

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