Solar Powered LED Traffic Light System


One of the biggest problems in developing countries is power outages. An obvious advantage of solar traffic lights is that they will continue working as their main purpose is to keep traffic flowing without depending on electricity availability.

Solar traffic lights are providing a reliable, inexpensive, affordable and environmentally friendly source for modern traffic management systems. These systems also help reduce electricity usage.

With no trenching, and minimal wiring or electrical work required, solar powered traffic lights are perfect for road safety and traffic control applications.Existing conventional traffic lights can be easily retrofitted to operate on solar energy.

Solar powered traffic lights can also be used in temporary settings where a traffic signal is only needed for a set period of time. These temporary solar traffic signals can be supported on a post, trailer mounted, secured momentarily and placed quickly at traffic intersections.

Our Solar traffic Lighting is produced by arrays of extra bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that are much brighter than bulbs. LEDs last for about 10 years and are very energy efficient. On simple and stand-alone solar traffic lights, computerized controller/sequencer controls the lighting sequence at pre-determined fixed intervals.


Features: Solar Traffic System are use Solar Panel, Wireless Control System, Battery, 12V Traffic Light

ü Solar modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh weather conditions

ü Low voltage load disconnect

ü Sealed,lead-acid battery designed for deep discharge cycling

ü Temperature compensated battery charging

ü Corrosion resistant control/battery enclosure

ü Installation,operation & maintenance documentation

ü Solid state electronics for improved deficiency and reliability

ü Pre-assembled, pre-wired systems minimize field installation time & eliminate wiring errors

ü Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time

ü Quality components assure long system life

ü Full system and performance warranty available on prepackaged systems


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Post time: Aug-15-2020
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