What is advantage of GUANGAN’S solar road stud?

1) Benefits of solar road stud

Solar road stud is a type of road marker (also called cat eyes) which is powered solar, it’s an important road safety product because it can help to reduce the rate of accident. Since traditional road stud requires car headlights to illuminate their reflective surface, it’s a passive way to reflect, so the visibility will be limited, if drivers traveling at 60mph only have around 3 seconds to react! But solar road stud is a proactive way of lighting, so it’s better to direct drivers during the terrible weather conditions or marking the edge of road at night.

Key benefits as below:

- proactive lighting, easier to be seen than traditional passive lighting

- highlight the edge of road, warning drivers at night

- whole life cost lower than traditional road stud

- powered by solar, environmental friendly

- easy installation and low maintain


2) How does it works?

The solar road stud working mechanism is very simple, it consists of solar panel, anti-heat battery, led diode (different colors), controller, and housing (various shapes). Battery will charge in day time by solar panel, so road stud could light during night. Normally the battery should support the road stud continuously work at least a week.


3) Key advantage of GUANGAN’s solar road stud

GUANGAN is specialized for solar road stud, our various solar road studs have below advantages:
solar road stud

- can be seen up to 900 metres away, giving drivers traveling at 60mph more than 30 seconds to react

- a two-hour charge from daylight can power the devices for over 200 hours, and will emit light during a full annual cycle from dusk till dawn.

- housing is made in one-piece: 100% waterproof and dustproof.

- resistant to very high and low temperatures.

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Post time: Aug-01-2019
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