driver speed feedback

A speed radar sign, also known as Driver Feedback Signs, Radar speed control Signs, Radar speed display, Radar Speed Signs, Driver Feedback Signs, your speed sign, radar feedback sign, radar speed display, speed display board, speed radar sign, vehicle activated sign, Solar Radar Speed Signs. It is used to displays the speed of oncoming vehicles using highly visible LEDs to make motorists aware when they are driving at unsafe speeds. Speed radar signs have been proven to be an effective traffic calming solution for local roads, school zones, work zones, and other applications.

Types of radar speed signs

l         Portable type (mobile type)

l         Solar powered type

l         Station type (pole mount type)

l         Dot-matrix type

Location selection

Driver speed awareness signs are not suitable for all locations within our road network. Below factors should be considered when selecting the location:


1) visual impact on adjacent residents
2) sufficient vehicle visibility (presence of obstructions such as trees and other traffic signs)
3) clearance from driveways and infrastructure such as power poles and service pits
4) clearance from low-hanging power lines and television cables
5) adequate sunlight for the sign's solar panels
6) separation between other traffic signs to ensure drivers have sufficient time to read messages.


Impacts during construction
Council makes every effort to minimize disruption to the local community during this work. Local residents will be notified of monitor installation in advance. Installation of the speed awareness monitors involves the construction of a small concrete foundation. This is built below the ground on Council-owned land. The platform has a lid and sits flush with ground level. Once Council removes the monitor, the lid remains to enable the site to be re-used.

GUANGAN TRAFFIC offers Radar Speed signs come in various forms and designs to meet different requirements of projects.

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