Ramp Vehicle Priority Control System For 1-way Parking Lot


Our ramp vehicle priority control system allows you to manage entrances/exits, located in different places, giving preference to the signal that is activated before, turning on the corresponding green traffic light, thus regulating the passage through a certain point. It is designed to prevent two cars from crossing in a conflictive, narrow, spiral-like access that is several stories high, by means of two traffic lights. The use of Guangan traffic lights combined with a  Vehicle Priority controller and in ground loops enables a building to be designed with a one-way ramp or vehicle access point. Our system will eliminate the issues associated with one-way access into basement car parking.  This is an excellent solution that saves costs on expensive man power required for traffic controllers on site.

Ramp Vehicle Priority Control System 01
Ramp Vehicle Priority Control System 02
Ramp vehicle priority control system overview
Ramp Vehicle Priority Control System 03

A pair of traffic signal light with loop detectors are installed at opposite of driveway, when opposite vehicles meet, the controller will let vehicle which is firstly detected pass through the driveway. The system can be installed permanently or temporarily.

Products required for the system
1) Traffic signal light2 pcs
2) System controller1 pcs
3)  Vehicle detector2 pcs
4) Buzzer (optional)2 pcs

1) Simple to deploy technology
2) Easy to maintain
3) No need for costly inspections
4) No client software to be installed
5) Self configuring communications

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